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  • User terms of service
    These terms of service apply to the agreement between Wishlink.uk and the user unless directly stated otherwise for the use of the website wishlink.uk and the Wishlink.uk platform. By “services” is to be understood as the collective description of the website and platform together. Accepting these terms and conditions is a prequesite to creating a Wishlink.uk profile and will be regarded as having accepted everything within these documents. These terms of service have last been updated November 14 2021.
  • Correct use
    When you use the service you are required to provide the correct information about yourself and to only use the service for non-commercial purposes. By using the service you are declaring that the information you have provided are correct. Your login information is personal and may not be used by others. If you have reason to suspect somebody has used your login information you have to change your login information and inform Wishlink.uk. You accept and take complete responsibility for all activities associated with your profile and for every use of your login information. While we are not responsible for your losses caused by unauthorised use of your profile, whether with or without your knowledge, you can be responsible for our loss or the losses of a third party associated with us due to such unauthorised use. If Wishlink.uk has reason to suspect that another person is using your login information, Wishlink.uk is within our rights to cancel the use of your profile and associated services. You may not use the account of someone else or permit someone else to use your profile. You may not at any one time have more than one profile. Wishlink.uk retains the right at any time to suspend, delete or refuse you access to your profile and/or access to the entire or part of its services without justification, with or without warning and without responsibility, including if we discontinue a service.
  • Rights
    The immaterial rights and marketing rights to the service and associated systems/software and material for the services are owned by Wishlink.uk or a third party. You therefore take on full responsibility for any eventual violation of these rights. Wishlink.uk can at any time sell its services to another party. You take full responsibility for the material and the information you use, upload or put into the service, including if the material and information is within legal, moral and ethical bounds. By accepting these terms you get access to a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the services for private use on one or multiple instances you own or have control of in agreement with these terms of service. Wishlink.uk gives no guarantee of a specific level of service or specific level functionality with its service.
  • Responsibility
    The service provided by Wishlink.uk will be available as they are to be utilized at your own initiative in that you reserve the right at any time to discontinue your use of the service. Wishlink.uk does not guarantee any level of support or maintenance in connection with the service. You understand that Wishlink.uk can at any point discontinue, without explanation, its services and functions within its service as we want to. Wishlink.uk are not involved in any dealings you make with third parties and can not be held accountable for any issues between you. We are not responsible for any eventual damage to persons or items that may occur in deals with third parties.
  • Commission
    You understand that Wishlink.uk in some circumstances can receive commission from referral links when a click on a link in your wishlist leads to a purchase from a third party.
  • Non-commercial use
    The services provided are only for your personal use and may not be used in connection with commercial ventures, except for those that have been explicitly approved by us.
  • Age of users
    The service is not intended for use by children under 16 years of age without their parents consent. If you are a parent to a child under 16 years and suspect that your child has given us personal information which have not been approved by you as a parent, you are requested to immediately contact us on e-mail at: support@wishlink.uk and we will delete the information from our system.
  • Electronic communication
    When you utilize the service or send e-mails to us, you are communicating electronically with us. You accept that you can receive messages from us electronically. We will communicate with you by e-mail or push-messages. You accept that all dealings, messages, referrals and other communication, which we deliver to you electronically, fulfill every legal requirement that such communication is in writing.
  • Links
    Our service contains links to websites provided by third parties, we do not supervise or control the linked sites and provide no representation regarding and are not responsible for the accuracy, actuality, trustworthiness or availability of any of the linked content. If you choose to access a third party website, you're doing it at your own risk. The presence of a link to a third party website does not entail our approval, sponsoring or recommendation of the third party or the content, products or services presented by them. We keep the right to deactivate links from or to third party websites.
  • Personal information
    You may find our privacy policy in connection with Wishlink.uk and your rights in regards to the laws on data protection in Wishlink.uk at any time.
  • Third party site
    The platform enables you to order and receive products, information and services from companies not owned or operated by us. Purchase, payment, warranty, delivery, maintenance and all other matters relating to merchandise, services or information, opinion or advice ordered or received from the mentioned third party, are exclusively between you and these third parties where Wishlink.uk does not take part in these agreements. We do not endorse or guarantee such products, information or services and are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness or applicability (whether the information is provided by us or directly by third parties) or the quality of the availability of such products or services. Wishlink.uk is not a party to or in any way responsible for monitoring transactions between you and third party providers of such products, services or information or for ensuring the confidentiality of your credit card information. All aspects of payment card transactions are handled by third party payment card processors or third party merchants themselves. Any separate fees or obligations you incur in connection with these third parties are your responsibility and are not part of any fee charged for the Services. In addition, the Platform may require you to create an account with a third party provider not owned or operated by us. Your agreement and understanding with any such third party service provider is solely between you and such service provider. We will not be a party to or in any way responsible for your agreement with such third party provider. Any dispute you may encounter with such a third party service provider shall be settled solely between you and the service provider
  • Changes
    Wishlink.uk may provide changes to the terms of service. If you do not accept the change in terms you can no longer use Wishlink.uk as a service.
  • Skadesløsholdelse
    Skulle Wishlink.uk blive mødt med erstatningskrav fra Tredjepart der skyldes eller opstår som følge af din brug af Tjenesterne i strid med disse brugerbetingelser og/eller som følge af brud på disse brugerbetingelser og/eller ethvert brud på dine repræsentationer og garantier, der er beskrevet ovenfor og / eller hvis noget indhold, som du poster på platformen eller gennem tjenesterne får os til at være ansvarlige over for en anden eller for ethvert krav fra en Wishlink.uk-udbyder, der opstår som følge af en transaktion mellem dig og en sådan Wishlink.uk-udbyder, skadesløsholder du os for alle lidte tab og krav.
  • Other
    These terms of service and your acceptance denotes the entire contract between you and us about the use of Wishlink.uk including its services. Our potential lack of exercising or upholding of any of these conditions does not exempt you from upholding your conditions. The titles of these terms of service are only for convenience and do not carry any legal or contractual obligations.
  • Legal jurisdiction
    These terms of service are subject to danish law, eventual legal disputes will be decided by the danish courts.
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